Medical Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Interpreter

I am a freelance medical Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Interpreter in London, UK. I interpreted for individuals in hospitals and for medical insurance specialists in companies like Bupa. Besides, I assist with various Professional Medical and Healthcare events and conferences. 

I am a qualified Russian-English Interpreter and translator available for work anywhere in the UK,  and Europe on short notice. My Medical, Pharmaceutical, and healthcare clients include but are not limited to Pfizer, London Bridge Hospital, Boots Pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly, Bupa Health Insurance, Shering Plough, Astra/Zeneca, Roche, Takeda Pharmaceutical, and more.

Medical Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Interpreter

I can translate and proofread medical documents from English to Russian and vice versa. My main focus is being attentive to details and aiming to create error-free, quality work for clients. Besides, I can assist with clinical and medical insurance appointments on specific queries. I can juggle multiple tasks and shift priorities in a fast-paced, client-deadline-driven environment.

Types: Chemical Translations, Law Translations, Medical RUSSIAN – ENGLISH INTERPRETER, Translations, Russian – English Medical interpreter, Russian – English Ecology and environmental protection Interpreting | Russian – English translation for Economy | Equipment, and technologies (as a whole) | Finance and credit | Governance and management | International relations and organizations | Mechanical engineering | Metallurgy and metalworking | Mining and geology | Nuclear technologies, nuclear physics | Oil, and gas

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