London-based Russian-English Language Professional: Interpreter, Translator

As a professional interpreter and translator, Elena G. native language is Russian. London-based Russian-English Language Professional: Interpreter Translator. Elena’s native language is Russian, and she has a deep understanding of its complexities and subtleties, which helps her deliver excellent translation services to her clients. She is also proficient in English, having studied and worked in the language for many years. Elena holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature, as well as various translation and interpretation courses, including a Diploma in Translation and a Master’s degree in Audio-visual Translation and Translation of Popular Culture from City University London.

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Her proficiency in Russian and English, combined with her attention to detail and commitment to providing excellent service, make her a top choice for clients in need of language solutions.

Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Interpreter from Russian into English. Telephone Interpreting: With the rise of remote communication, telephone interpreting has become increasingly popular. This type of interpreting allows for interpretation over the phone and is ideal for situations where a face-to-face interpreter is not feasible.
Medical, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Interpreter from Russian into English

Throughout her career, Elena has honed her skills as an interpreter, translator, proofreader, subtitler, localizer, and tutor.

She has provided services to a wide range of clients, including government agencies, courts, businesses, and individuals. Elena’s mastery of both Russian and English allows her to convey complex ideas accurately and efficiently, providing her clients with the highest quality work.

As an experienced language professional, Elena has provided interpreting and translation services for a diverse range of clients and industries.

Overall, while Russian is her native language, Elena’s fluency in English is a testament to her passion for languages and her dedication to her profession.

Expert Interpreter in London: Providing Accurate and Professional Language Services. London-based Russian-English Language Professional: Interpreter Translator

Elena’s extensive education and training demonstrate her commitment to excellence as a language professional.

She holds an MA in Audio-Visual Translation and Translation of Popular Culture from City University London, completed in 2018. In addition, she holds a Diploma in Translation from Westminster University in London, earned in 2010. Elena has also completed specialized courses, including the DPSI (law) course from Middlesex University in London in 2007-2008 and the LOCN Legal Interpreting Course: Module 1 in 2006. Furthermore, Elena has a Trinity London Certificate in TESOL from 2005 and an LOCN-accredited Community Interpreting Course, Certificate Level 3 from 2004-2005. Her formal education began with a full-time course in English Language and Literature at Volgograd State University, where she studied from 1982-1987. These qualifications and training demonstrate Elena’s dedication to providing high-quality language services to her clients.

Experienced language professional, Elena has provided interpreting and translation services for a diverse range of clients and industries. English Interpreter in London. As a leading language services provider in London, we offer a range of interpreting services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our team of skilled interpreters are trained to provide accurate and effective interpretation in a variety of settings, including conferences, meetings, courtrooms, medical appointments, and more.

Elena has been a host tutor of English for foreign students at Bucksmore Homelingua International since 2006. Her role as a tutor involves providing individual language instruction and immersion in the English language for foreign students. She works closely with students to develop their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in a supportive and engaging environment. Elena’s dedication and passion for teaching English have helped her create a positive impact on her students’ learning outcomes. Her expertise in language tutoring has allowed her to foster meaningful relationships with students from diverse cultural backgrounds, making her an invaluable asset to Bucksmore Homelingua International.

Elena has undergone extensive professional training to broaden her skills and knowledge in interpreting. She has received specialized training in a range of areas, including interpreting in Domestic Violence situations, Child Protection, Sensitive Situations, Mental Health, and Safeguarding of vulnerable and young people. Moreover, she is well-versed in interpreting in video-conference settings, ensuring that communication is seamless even when parties are in different locations. Elena is also proficient in the use of CAT tool Wordfast and subtitling software SWIFT, which enables her to provide high-quality translations and subtitles efficiently.

With over 17 years of experience as a freelance Interpreter/Translator

With over 17 years of experience as a freelance Interpreter/Translator, Elena has worked with a variety of clients, including the Border Agency (Home Office) and Ministry of Justice, as well as numerous Interpreting and Translation Agencies such as The Big Word, Capita, and Today Translations. Her range of services includes simultaneous, consecutive, telephone, and ad hoc interpreting, and she has lent her expertise to diverse industries, such as Criminal Law, Civil Law, Immigration, Legal documentation, Social Services, Medical, Business, Technical, and Literature.

Her experience includes interpreting for courts, tribunals, detention centers, and various government agencies.

Elena’s exceptional skills in interpreting have been utilized by courts such as Magistrates, County, Crown, and Family courts, Immigration and Employment Tribunals, as well as Customs, Probation Services, Prison Services, Detention Centers, and media outlets such as BBC and IMG. Elena’s linguistic talents extend beyond interpreting and translation, as she also has experience as a language tutor for foreign students and air-crew members. Her proficiency in English and Russian, combined with her extensive experience, make her a highly sought-after language professional.

She has also provided interpreting services for healthcare providers, social services, and media outlets.

“Russian-English Interpreter in London: Bridging Language Barriers with Precision and Proficiency”

simultaneous conference interpreting project for a training course at the International School of Communication

In November 2018, Elena had the opportunity to participate in a simultaneous conference interpreting project for a training course at the International School of Communication. The course was focused on “Creating a Public affairs and Government Relations Strategy.” As a professional freelance interpreter with years of experience in the field, I was thrilled to be part of this project. The conference was attended by a diverse group of participants, including government officials, public affairs experts, and communication specialists from various countries.

high-quality simultaneous interpretation services at the conference

Elena’s experience in interpreting extends to conference interpreting, which includes simultaneous interpreting. She completed a training course in simultaneous conference interpreting at the International School of Communication in 2018, focused on “Creating a Public affairs and Government Relations Strategy.” Additionally, in 2014, she provided interpreting services for a conference on “Requirements for certification of industrial and explosion proof equipment in the Customs Union.” With her exceptional skills and training, Elena has proven herself to be a reliable and knowledgeable interpreter for conferences and events.

From Russian to English: Breaking Language Barriers with a London-based Interpreter and Translator

As a simultaneous London-based Russian-English Language Professional Interpreter and a Translator my role was to interpret the speakers’ words in real-time as they delivered their presentations. This requires a high level of concentration and focus, as I needed to listen to the speaker, process the information, and convey the message in the target language. Despite the intense nature of the work, I was able to provide high-quality interpretation services throughout the conference. By the end of the event, I had received positive feedback from both the organizers and the participants, which was a testament to my skills and expertise as an interpreter. It was a great experience for me to be a part of such an important event, and I look forward to more opportunities to use my skills and knowledge to help others communicate effectively across language barriers.

Elena’s expertise extends to both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, as well as telephone and ad hoc interpreting.

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