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Interpreting for politics and diplomatic international events requires not only a high level of linguistic skills but also a deep understanding of cultural nuances and diplomatic protocols. I have always approached this responsibility with the utmost professionalism, ensuring that my interpretations are accurate, reliable, and impartial.

Our English – Ukrainian – Russian interpreter been living in London for 28 years and have been translating since 2008. In 2007, she qualified as an interpreter at the College of London. She worked with several translation agencies and open for assignments in London and across the United Kingdom.

Arabic Speech-to-English Text + Translating content for an exhibition in Dubai

We provide Arabic Speech-to English Text using Artificial Intelligence best practices and recommendations. We provide speech audio data to the Russian Speech-to- English Text translation task. As a result of these guidelines, the service will be more efficient, accurate, and respond to requests in a timely manner. You can transmit audio using a lossless codec, such as FLAC or LINEAR16. You may reduce accuracy by using lossy codecs such as MP3, M4A, AAC, or MP3. Aenean sollicitudin, lorem quis bibendum auctor, nisi elit consequat ipsum, nec…

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Simultaneous interpreter for this blockchain conference here in Geneva

Good morning/afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. My name is [Oxana Selekhova], and I will be your simultaneous interpreter for this blockchain conference here in Geneva. Our conference today will cover various topics related to blockchain technology and its applications in different industries. Our distinguished speakers will discuss the latest developments in this field and share their insights with us.As we proceed with the conference, I will interpret simultaneously in the language of your choice. Please note that simultaneous interpreting requires a great deal of concentration and skill, so I kindly ask you to speak at a moderate pace and to pause occasionally to allow me to catch up. Without further ado, let’s begin our conference and explore the exciting world of blockchain technology. Thank you. Aenean sollicitudin, lorem quis bibendum auctor, nisi elit consequat ipsum, nec…

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What is the cost of an interpreter?

Language, location, length of the assignment and linguust experience, and credentials are some of the factors that can affect the cost of an interpreter in London. Depending on the location, professional interpretation services in London can cost between £40 and £80 per hour. Legal or medical interpreting may cost several hundred pounds per day.
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