Russian to English Language Interpreter

My Primary (A) working Language, is Russian with the English Language – B (secondary). I am an ATA member Accredited which is an American professional institution. Besides, I have a Diploma in Interpreting and translation from Moscow State University and a lot of experience working as a Russian to English Language Interpreter.

Working for more than 10 years as a Conference interpreter, I acquired a list of valuable clients. Among them are EU institutions, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, OSCE, British Houses of Parliament and Royal Courts of Justice. I also work with major INGOs, UK governmental bodies, and the Russian Federation officials. Occasionally, I interpret for private companies and individuals.

Russian to English Language Interpreter

Our company employs high-end Russian-English language specialists. Thus we can offer a Certified Russian interpreter in London, England for your events at short notice. A conference interpreter rate starts at £45 an hour. For complex interpreting assignments, it goes up to £70 per hour. Besides, for simultaneous interpreting at a big international event, it is up to £600 a day. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me via +44 20 7097 4752 T./ WhatsApp

Language Combination: English into Russian
Conference Interpreting service
Consecutive Interpreting mode:
In-person Interpreting form
Interpreting area of specialization: Manufacturing

Country is United Kingdom

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