Looking for a Russian, English, or Spanish Interpreter in Barcelona?

Looking for a Russian, English, or Spanish 🗣️ Interpreter in Barcelona (Hub of global trade shows)?

🌐 Barcelona 2024 is not just a hub of global trade shows but also a melting pot of languages and cultures! We’re thrilled to announce that at each of these dynamic events, we’ll provide professional interpreters fluent in Russian, Spanish, English, and a variety of other languages, ensuring seamless communication and an enriching experience for all attendees.

Here’s what’s in store:

👰 Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week (April 17-19): Step into a world of bridal elegance with an international flair at Fira de Barcelona – Recinto Montjuïc. Interpreters on site for effortless conversations!

🛍️ Plastic Pouches Europe (April 23): Delve into the innovative realm of plastic pouch design at the CCIB. Our interpreters will bridge the language gap for you!

🐟 Seafood Expo Global / Seafood Processing Global (April 23-25): Explore the vast ocean of seafood opportunities at Fira de Barcelona – Recinto Gran Via, with language support to navigate smoothly.

🍷 Barcelona Wine Week (February 5-7): Taste the world’s best wines at Fira Barcelona – Montjuic, and let our interpreters be your guide to every flavor and conversation.

🏭 ExpoSólidos 2024 (February 6-8): Dive into solid processing technology at La Farga l’Hospitalet, with our language experts ensuring you don’t miss a detail.

💅 CosmoBeauty Barcelona (February 17-19): Discover beauty trends at the CCIB, and communicate effortlessly across languages with our interpreter services.

📱 Mobile World Congress (Feb 26-29): Tech event at Fira Barcelona, Gran Via. Interpreters included.

🚚 SIL International Logistics (June 5-7): Logistics fair at Fira de Barcelona. Linguistic experts available.

🏙️ Smart City Expo (Nov 5-7): Future cities showcase at Fira Barcelona – Recinto Gran Via. Multilingual interpreters on hand.

🎥 ISE 2024 (Jan 30 – Feb 2): AV Systems show at Fira Barcelona- Gran Via. Language support provided.

Join us in Barcelona for a seamless, global experience where language is no barrier! 🌐

Join us at CPHI Barcelona this October and navigate the expansive world of pharma with our professional interpreter services. Our top-notch interpreters will assist you in breaking language barriers, ensuring seamless communication with your clients and partners in Russian, English, and Spanish.

Whether you’re seeking to build new partnerships, manage contractual business conversations, or just network with industry professionals, we’ve got you covered. Our interpreters will be on-site, ready to translate your success story into any of these languages, hour by hour.

CPHI Barcelona is more than an event; it’s your gateway to global opportunities. So why let language stand in your way? Come, embrace the international pharmaceutical landscape with us.

Make your reservation today, and let our interpreters guide your way to a successful CPHI Barcelona experience. Let’s break language barriers together!

we'll provide professional interpreters fluent in Russian, Spanish, English, and a variety of other languages, ensuring seamless communication and an enriching experience for all attendees.

Step into the world of pharma at CPHI Barcelona, taking place from October 24th to 26th, 2023 at Fira Barcelona Gran Via, Spain.

CPHI Barcelona is not just an event, but an engaging experience that gathers professionals from all corners of the pharmaceutical industry.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

🔸Two-Day Conferences: Delve into robust discussions on eight key industry topics, and don’t miss our enlightening lunch session on diversity and inclusion in hiring practices.

🔸Matchmaking Programme: A special feature designed to expedite your search for the right business partner. Skip the time-consuming search and connect with the ideal suppliers for your business needs.

🔸Start-Up Market: Witness the future of pharma today. Get acquainted with innovative start-ups that are redefining the industry’s landscape.

🔸Show Floor: Explore a wealth of resources with over 1800 exhibitors representing all elements of the pharma supply chain. It’s a one-stop-shop for exploring, learning, and networking.

On top of all these, we offer professional interpreter services in Russian, English, and Spanish.

Book per hour and let them assist you throughout the event. Navigate complex business conversations, contractual negotiations, and client discussions without a language barrier.

CPHI Barcelona is where language barriers dissolve and business opportunities flourish. Be part of the global pharmaceutical convergence. Mark your calendars and secure your spot today!

🏭 ExpoSólidos 2024 (February 6-8): This event, held at La Farga l’Hospitalet, is a leading international exhibition focused on technology for the processing and handling of solids. It’s an ideal platform for professionals in sectors like the chemical, food, mining, and construction industries to discover the latest advancements in solid processing technologies. Attendees can expect to see a wide range of equipment and solutions, from handling and transporting to filtering and storage. The event also features seminars and networking opportunities. Plus, language experts will be available to ensure seamless communication and understanding for all participants.

  • Chemical Industry Professionals: Experts in chemical processing will find new technologies for handling and processing solid chemicals.
  • Food Industry Specialists: Those in food production can explore advancements in processing and packaging solids.
  • Mining Industry Executives: Leaders in mining can discover innovative solutions for solid material handling and processing.
  • Construction Sector Representatives: Professionals in construction can learn about new materials and technologies for solid handling.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Personnel: Experts interested in the processing of solid pharmaceuticals will find relevant technologies and equipment.
  • Agricultural Sector Professionals: Individuals involved in the processing and storage of solid agricultural products.
  • Environmental Engineers: Specialists focused on solid waste management and environmental impact reduction.
  • Research and Development Scientists: Researchers looking for the latest advancements in solid processing technologies.
  • Equipment Manufacturers: Companies that produce machinery for handling, processing, and storing solids.
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Managers: Professionals seeking more efficient methods for the transportation and storage of solid materials.
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